Carlo Formisano lives between Prague, London and Naples. 

He has been featured on Garageland and Contemporary British Painting. He has shown works in Italy, UK and Czech Republic.


Carlo Formisano engages in narrative and figurative painting to investigate life’s themes. Weaving together everyday life, and its more existential, surrealist and uncanny sides.

Using found photographs as a starting point, he paints instinctively using memories and sensations as well as ‘reality’. He tries to capture the uncanny, by combining ancient and secret mythology with the information age; giving life to imagery dense with personal, symbolic and mystic meanings, using a variety of painting languages.

“As the years progressed I felt like leaving behind the photographic look of my paintings, steering more towards exaggerated forms, bold drawing and vivid colours. I might still use found photos as my starting point, but I, more and more, rely on an instinctive and free hand approach. Lately I have also abandoned pre-stretched canvases as I felt they limited my vision and movement, opting for painting straight on the naked canvas to better capture the instinctive and tribal side of the work – collecting and often presenting finished paintings as the pages of a book, a primordial visual diary of sort, compiled as I try to make sense of the world around me.”

Carlo has been painting for over 10 years, a London's Central Saint Martins graduate; he has had three personal exhibitions, and participated in many group shows in London, Naples and Prague.